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I got to thinking about how to help promote those great crafters and artists who are my friends.  So many work very hard to create items with love and passion with the hope that they can support their families.  The stories behind the many artists and crafters I have gotten to know are heartbreaking but full of so much hope.  So far, I have a lovely collection of women who have agreed to be part of my holiday shopping promotion and each one of them has a story of struggle and triumph.  These are the stories that most people don’t know.  I’m not here to share those stories but know that each of these crafters and artists are not some random people that have asked to be promoted.  These are wonderful, caring human beings with whom I share stories with.  People who are in my prayers and my thoughts on a regular basis.

Not only are they great human beings but they do awesome things.  These are gifts you can give with pride.  They are made with love.  You have helped a family have a wonderful holiday.  What better cheer can you spread this season?

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce my first victim – Sheila Abbott, creator of Furrville products.

Sheila has been a good friend for ages and the one thing I can tell you about her is that she loves cats.  It was no surprise that it turned into a crafty obsession.  She had this to say about how she got started “I started going to anime cons and fell in love with the furry leggings, ears and such that I saw. I decided that since I wasn’t working and was looking to start a business, that this would be perfect for me as I enjoy making these pieces and they are fun.”

Sheila sells her wares at conventions (as well as online), catering her hats to various themes.



Her hats are $20 – 25.  $5 shipping.   She does custom work but remember that custom orders take a little extra time and the more she gets the slower the work will be (that’s just the way it goes) so order early and be patient.

Check her out on facebook.   Shop at Etsy.  I believe she takes orders through facebook as well.  She’s a very friendly open crafter so don’t hesitate to ask her questions.

Read more of her interview on Cyani Black’s Blog.