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This might not feel like a craft but I met the wonderful women behind these “instant” meals this past August at the National Lentil Festival.  Lentilicious is a company of two.  They make up the batches.  They package.  They ship.  And they are two of the neatest ladies I have ever met.

While I could spend all day talking about how much I loved the gals – what drew me to them was their amazing lentil meals.  They only have 3 varieties and they are all wonderful.  Three creative and healthy meals.

Red Chili (pictured above) is a good chili but what “shocked” me was the addition of nigella seeds.  You never see nigella in packaged meals.  The seeds offered a rich, earthy quality to the chili.  It was nearly exotic.

Mediterranean is a little more family friendly with the addition of tomato and Italian seasonings.

Then there’s Coconut Fusion which is not as sweet as you would think.  It makes lentils a breakfast dish.  One of the ladies (I wish I could remember their names because they were awesome) told me she makes a batch of this at night and chills it overnight to eat for breakfast.  How cool is that?  It’s coconut with ginger and cardamom.  I’m thinking you cook it in some milk and it will be like pudding.

Red Split Lentils are basically peeled lentils so they cook up soft and quick every time.

All of the packages are vegan and allergy friendly (minus those allergic to coconut).  They are great for all sorts of situations – food storage, quick meals, backpacking/camping.  They just require some water and you have a meal for 4.  Add some rice or potatoes and it can stretch even further (might be awesome on noodles).

Want to know the best part – they are only $6.99 per bag if you order them separately.    Buy in the variety packs and they are only $5 a bag.  You can even get them giftwrapped (but it’s an extra charge).  There is a shipping charge but it seems to be a singular price not a per item charge.

Remember you are supporting a family with your purchase.

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