Corned Beef Hash


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I took this picture a month ago and have really struggled with sharing this recipe with you.  The reason being that it’s barely a recipe.  Seems like lately, I’ve just given up hope on sharing an actual recipe so it works now.  I don’t know about you but I love recipes that are just suggestions.  Most recipes are that to me anyway.  I like when I can match an idea to what I have in the pantry and create something magical.

To me, hash is the perfect dish.  I love it with corned beef but you can use other meats or make it completely vegetarian, if you desire.  I rarely get it because I’m stuck on the idea that it must be corned beef,

To make this is simple, cook a few potatoes to nearly done.  We microwave our potatoes but you can also boil them.  Boiling takes longer but if you do it the day before (or have some leftover), then boiling is really better.  You want them firm enough to cut up but not so hard that they take forever to cook in the skillet.

Cut up your potatoes, put them in a hot skillet with some oil.  Add chopped meat.  Corned beef flakes into smaller pieces but other meats may need to be chopped a bit finer.  The size depends on what you like.

After that, add what you like.  The picture above has leftover peas from dinner the night before.

Most of the food should be cooked, so you want to warm anything cold and try to get a bit of a crispy edge to the potatoes.  I like my potatoes cut thicker so they only get crispy bits here and there but smaller potatoes may result in more crispiness.

Season with salt and pepper – and you have hash which is great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack.  Remember that this is a recipe that came out of a need to use up leftovers.  This is not the sort of dish that has true rules so feel free to break them all you want.