Quick Dollar Store Craft Projects Part Two


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To finish my quick projects from a trip to the dollar store, I have one actual project and one technique.

This first one is a jewelry hanger.  I have some great necklaces but I don’t have a great way to store them.  I made some bulky beaded necklaces last year which didn’t fit into my jewelry box.  But if I am honest, I have yet to find a method that really worked for my jewelry.  I keep thinking I would wear them more often if I could see them.

I’ve gone through several ideas and then thought I could just pick up a coat hook from Dollar Tree.  Their coat hooks are on the small side and not overly sturdy but would be perfect for jewelry.  Guess what – they didn’t have any.  I was walking through the store and found a package of 6 hooks which lead me to this idea.  It’s not an original idea at all, I know that but it might help you come up with the perfect idea for yourself.


In the decoration section, I found these prints.  They are made of a cross between wood and cardboard, not really sure what it is.  It’s sturdier than cardboard.  The picture is built like a box with the open area in the back so it’s really easy to hang (we used push pins).  And it’s light.


The hooks are self-stick but I had my E-6000 close because I was sure the adhesive was going to be bad.  I peeled the back off the first one and knew these were really good hooks.  I have to admit that sometimes Dollar Trees quality surprises me.

I was going to stagger the hooks because I didn’t care about the picture but it grew on me.


Here it is covered in my necklaces.  The hooks didn’t shift at all.  Now all my necklaces are on display and maybe I’ll remember to wear them.  I had hoped for room for my bracelets but I have more jewelry than I think I do.  I may be making another for them.

This next is a technique but since we are “making” our supply, you can call it a project if you want.

I saw this video on Youtube where the crafter made a large poster of cave drawings.  They painted the board with a special sponge, glued on sand, and then drew on the board with black oil pastel.  The effect was really cool.  I’m thinking I might turn my play sheets into cave drawings for birthday cards (you can buy decorative sand at Dollar Tree).

It was her special sponge that had me captivated.  I’ve recently done some sponge painting and this could have changed how I approached my project.


All you need is a sponge (Dollar Tree has them for like 10 for $1) and a way to fasten it.  I choose this large wire because I wasn’t sure how much I needed.  A really long bread tie or regular-sized rubber band would work.


That’s it – a folded sponge tied up.  It cost me pennies and I can’t imagine what theirs cost.

To make this more project like, I choose a variety of browns (and eventually added a touch of black) and added them to a plate.


This is my stained plate for painting so a lot of that paint is dried hard to the surface.  I patted the sponge in the paint and bounced it on the paper.


I’m using old craft paint so it’s got a few more clumps and weird texture than I would have gotten with new paint.  Overall, I loved it.  This is a small piece of foam board but I pulled out some cheap cardstock postcards and photo paper.  They were so much fun to play with that I am looking forward to seeing what I can turn them into.