Pony Bead Jewelry, Post #1


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So, I skipped yesterday.  I really was going to post.  I had this project all done and ready to share but it was getting late in the afternoon and I was unmotivated.  Then I thought I’d share a video or something.  Yep, couldn’t even do that.  Some days being organized enough to post is hard.

I keep finding other fun projects to do but I’m really reining myself in and sticking with the pony beads.  There are far too many fun projects with pony beads that I really don’t have to change materials.  I’m working through my collection – I swear I still have way too many.


This project was so much fun.  Once I, actually, figured out what I was doing, it was practically mindless.  I’m not 100% sure I can explain this knot well so I included the original instructions.  It’s not a hard knot but tricky to explain so between the two, you should be okay.


I think this is from a Family Fun magazine.  I subscribed when my son was in grade school.  The date is June/July 2002.  How sad is that?  I am just so shocked at how old some of these projects are.  This is really getting through my UFOs (UnFinished Objects).  I didn’t realize I’d been hoarding these project ideas for so long.


The instructions are for a bracelet.  I’m not big on bracelets so I thought I’d make a necklace.  You’ll see when I get to the end, that the necklace is not big enough.  It makes a choker more than necklace project.  If you don’t mind the tightness, these are perfect.  I can’t stand anything that close around my neck so this project is going to my 3-year-old nephew, who I hope can just pull it over his head (I added a fastener just in case).

I started with 48 inches of white embroidery floss and 96 inches of blue.  I did not count my beads, just grabbed a handful out of the jar.  I ended up using 38 beads.


Start with folding your strings in half and tying a knot about an inch from the fold.


String your bead on to the white thread.  I taped the end down which worked ok.  You will notice later I moved to a clipboard.  Having that end secured makes it easier to tie your knots.


I didn’t take pictures of the knot tying at the beginning because I wanted to figure it out first.  However, the instructions say to label the blue strings A and B.  I found that a knot at the end of A served that purpose.  I made sure I could easily untie the knot.


Here is the tricky part – explaining the knot.

Start with A and lay it across the top the center string.  Set it under B.  I used a bead here so you can see that B goes over A.


B goes under the white string and through the loop left by A.  Again the bead is there to separate the strands.  The bead is sitting on B.  Pull tight and repeat going the other way – A goes over the white and under B.  B goes under the white and through the loop of A.

I choose to have two knots between each bead.


Here I went with the clipboard – it just held tighter than the tape.


When I was at a point, I knew I was running out of floss, I made 4 knots.


I made a loop and tied off the end, using glue to secure the knot.  Because my necklace was not long enough, I added jump rings and a fastener to finish off my necklace.


Here is what it looks like all done.

The finished necklace came out to be about 18 inches.