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Shifting gears a little and sharing a quick and easy craft project.  I have seen canning ring ornaments all over the internet so I caved and tried a few of my own.

Overall, these are nice projects for cleaning up supplies and giving new life to a canner’s collection of rings (I swear they reproduce).

– I have the front of each ornament in the picture above so I elected to just show you the back side of each for the individual pictures.


This one is tied for my favorite one.  I had a bunch of ribbon left over from a ribbon wreath.  This was super easy and can be a more temporary idea if you want something to decorate with but don’t want to give up your rings.  I just tied the ribbon on.  The hanging ribbon is then tied to a couple of the ribbons at the top.  I used up all the ribbon I had which did not seem to be ending so you don’t have to have as much on your ring as I do.  I could have probably made 2-3 with the amount of ribbon I had.


This one is a couple pieces of gauze.  I don’t hate it but it left me feeling uninspired so I didn’t finish it off.  I’m thinking it’s probably the wrong season and this would make a fun Halloween ornament.


This one is my other favorite.  I love that the yard is really soft but this was also so easy to do.  I cut a piece of yarn and glued one end to the inside of the ring.  Then wrapped until I ran out of yarn.  It did take 2 pieces of yarn.  I would say that it takes about 5 feet of yarn but working in pieces too large does have some issues.  I found if I loosely tied the yarn in a ball, it didn’t make me crazy.


I bought some burlap ribbon on clearance and I have to tell you – I don’t understand the popularity.  Burlap is hard to work with and sheds like crazy.  It’s messy and annoying.  But I know many people love it.

There you have it – some ideas for quick and easy ornaments.