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This month sure flew by and I feel like I am still trying to catch up.  The new eating plan is working well.  I’ve kept track except for the last two Sundays.  I get going and it’s evening before I remember to even find my book.  The first Sunday, I didn’t eat very well and was okay with the fact there was no evidence but last Sunday I had a very good day.  I did find that I struggle with getting steps on the weekend.  Some days just reaching 1000 is hard but then I realized that while I am not walking, I am doing other things for my health.  I am relaxing.  I am sitting with my baby (our 6 year old cat).  I am reading or crafting or planning.  I am doing all the things I don’t have time to do during the week because I am always on the go.

I shared the picture above because I wanted to share with you a moment that made me really happy when it came to make a choice for my lunch.  Food continues to be a bit of a struggle.  I am a grain person – I love bread, rice, pasta, grits, – any grain.  And I’ve been working very hard to reduce my grain consumption and increase my fruit and vegetable consumption in accordance to the Myplate.gov standards.  The worst part is when I have a craving and I was craving Panda Express.  I had that craving for well over a week before I gave in.  There’s a few things that keep me from just giving in.  Panda Express is pricey – more than any of the other restaurants in our food court.  They use a lot of plastic.  Their most popular (and cheapest) choice is served in a plastic bowl with a plastic lid.  The last reason is they always have the longest line – I don’t get it.

So I get into line and take my time to really assess what will get me through this craving (it’s 100% hormones so I really want junky).  I noticed that if I went up to the next sized meal that it’s served in a compostable cardboard container (which is good/bad because it wasn’t holding up come the end of my meal).  So I went with that.  I love their noodles but the new menus with the calories had me reconsidering.  A serving of their chow mein was over 500 calories but the vegetables were about 100.  I like vegetables and buy getting them instead of the chow mein, I could get something breaded without vegetables and not feel guilty.  What you see in that picture was my compromise.  I was actually very happy with my choice.  I didn’t feel like I “ruined” my diet (no guilt, yea!!!) and I didn’t feel deprived.

That’s been the challenge this past month – learning to not feel deprived without feeling guilty.  The more I do this in terms of my health, the easier it’s becoming to pull that into the other areas of my life.  For example, Monday night my husband and I delivered the rest of the planned Christmas treats to friends.  Not one of them said “oh, but Christmas was a month ago and you are now delivering it?”  One actually told my husband that it made them feel like Christmas is still around (that coupled with the fact they have a neighbor who still has their lights up).  In previous years, I would have recycled the cards of those we missed and felt terrible that I had failed them.  I’m thinking we might deliver treats throughout the year instead of just at Christmas or when people are sick.  Why shouldn’t they know we think of them?  We like to give loaves of bread so the best part is that we can make bread and give away part of it.  And we can be selfish because we get bread but we don’t have too much staring at us since we can give the rest away.  People will love us because we feed them.

This is becoming a very long post and I feel like I’ve said nothing.  I do want to share a few things I came across today – because inspiration comes when you ask it to.

This was exactly what I need today – it put into words the feelings I’ve been having about my wellness journey – Six Tips for Staying Motivated.  The one I have been working on is forgiving myself for making mistakes.  My journaling is not about demonstrating my failure but showing me where I need to put in a little more work.  It, also, gives me reasons to celebrate the successes I may have overlooked.

I love the Zero-Waste Chef and her post on The Church of Zero Waste was perfect for this morning.  My favorite points were that we are not to judge others and not to covet your neighbor’s jars.  She uses a lot of humor but that doesn’t make her words less valuable.  You can look at this as guidelines for reducing your waste consumption, or changing your health, or just living your life.  While a few of her points are specific to reducing waste consumption, most are just good advice – starting with #1 Start Small.  Starting small has never been easy for me.  I want it now.  I want to do it all now and have it all done now.  It’s a nice reminder that I am on the right path.