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I feel like I can’t get time to do what I want.  I am so exhausted.  I didn’t think I could feel this way.  We’ve been so busy and I have been pushing my body beyond what I should.  I’ve never been one to really like idleness.  I’m paying for that now.  These past two days I have been so tired – more so than when I had a baby.

That’s not to say that July has been a complete wash.  I’m learning so many new canning things and I do need to share.  I may have hedged what is considered safe by the National Canning people (the canning police) but most of what I have canned was using their instructions.  The more fun part is going to be sharing how I use these canned items.

So what have I canned – fruit (lots of fruit), fish, onions, pork (including sausage and ham).  It’s the ham that is borderline because I’m not sure how processed it was since we got our hams when we bought our pig and because there is a debate going on about the safety of canning cured meats.  I, personally, am not afraid to experiment outside the canning box but I can’t, in good conscience, tell you that you can can these things safely.

I will take pictures of the various foods I’ve canned and share them with you this week.  I’ll be making pork stock with all the meat leftovers and I have lots of fat so there should be some soap making coming soon since we don’t have a lot of space to save the fat.  Perhaps it’s a good time to gather the ingredients for laundry soap.  It’s an old recipe that I have and not a very pretty soap but it works so well.

Not sure what else I have to share about this past month.  Art sure has taken a back seat.  Oh, I did make a bunch of mixes for experimenting but I need a little time to actually bake them before I share them.  I’d hate to share a mix recipe to discover that we hate the end result.

I’ll be returning to Project Noah and actually doing more than going through the motions.  I’m hoping that I take a little more time to recover from being sick and get my energy back.