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Vintage Noahs Ark Illustration

Things are finally settling down so I’m going to be able to focus on this project again come this month.  The original post can be found here.  As the Sun Oven project came to its end, I found that it wasn’t as interesting or as strong as it began.  However, it has given me a number of ideas of what to share here on this blog.  Hopefully, I can get to those projects so I can share this month.

I have been canning all sorts of things I have never canned before.  I’m really excited to share that with you but to, also, know that I am adding to my food storage.  It may not be what I planned but it’s giving us variety that I wouldn’t have considered canning.  They say that necessity is the mother of invention and I can say that it has certainly forced me to move outside of my comfort zone.  I’m left not only with the knowledge I can do these things but with the ambition to take it to the next level.

Project Noah -Seventh Month Assignments
Pre-Disaster Preparation:
a. Study first aid tips on dealing with insect/snake bites
b. Remember the proper first aid for bites may require different steps and may require medical assistance
c. Learn to recognize the symptoms of severe allergic reaction
d. If you have ever had a severe reaction to an insect sting, request a Rx for epinephrine from your doctor (epi-pen)
Pre-Disaster Preparation:
a. Add to your 72 Hr. Kit – blanket/sleeping pad, memo pad/pencil, money. stress relievers, nylon cord, safety pins, respirator mask, garbage bags, extra batteries (to fit your flashlights)
Non-Food Items: Hand Sanitizer/Tissues – Goals:
a. Determine how much your family will need for 90 days and for a year – is this doable?
b. Shop for the best prices and buy what you can afford
c. Explore alternatives, make your own
Short Term: Favorite Family Recipes
a. Add some supplemental items to your food storage to expand your meal options
b. Collect some of your favorite recipes using food storage ingredients
Long Term Storage Item: Basic Fermenting
a. Select vegetables in their prime of ripeness.
b. Make a batch of apple kraut
Making your own groceries
a. Learn the basic components of items you cook with regularly
b. Practice making a batch of SOS Mix (perfect for any emergency)
c. Make a batch of whole wheat (using wheat berries) waffles