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I forgot to take a picture of our actual kit but it’s not a difficult kit to talk about.  I have everything in a soft backpack that easily hooks on the back of a chair so I can bring it into a restaurant.

In the kit, I have cloth napkins and I will have silverware (I just remembered that I never tracked down the utensils I wanted to add to the kit).

Right now what is getting the most use is our cups.  Granted these are plastic but they are super reuseable.

Double-Wall Plastic Tumblers with Straws, 16 oz.

I love that these are a little on the heavy side and the straws don’t fall out.  We do have coffee cups as well but they are in our picnic set which lives in the trunk.  There are some things I have learned – the first is that these are so awesome.  It has been hot and we are so busy that having this cup means I can go into the store or gas station or restaurant and get ice water without any fuss.  I don’t feel compelled to get soda because I don’t have to pay for a drink.

The other is that many places charge weird things for bringing in your own cup.  We’ve been charged very little to insanely expensive for a soda.  We are figuring out which places offer a discount for bringing in your own cup.  Most of these places charge around $1.

The last thing in my bag are these foil pans:

Rectangular Foil Pans with Board Lids, 3-ct. Packs

I get them at the dollar store.  They come in rectangular and round and various sizes.  I buy the ones that give you 3 for a dollar.  The lids are cardboard.  There is a little tape that holds them together but the plastic is minimal.  I’ve used these containers for giving treats out but I haven’t had an opportunity to use them for bringing home my leftovers.

I was tempted to buy some aluminum foil sheets and I may still but only because I think they would be good for keeping the lids on the pans clean so I can reuse them (I may just make some foil sheets instead of buying them).

It’s not perfect but it helps.  I would say that this week alone we have saved 8 disposable cups from being used by bringing in our own.  I told you, it’s been a long hot week and we are on the go.