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Isn’t that pretty?  I love it when the jars come out pretty.  Not everything I canned this weekend looks that lovely but I take what I can get.

I mentioned Monday that you start with freezing the cherries for this pie filling recipe.  A gallon bag fits 5 pounds of cherries easily.  I thawed the cherries in the bags and then poured them into a colander over a large bowl.

I used this Ball recipe.  It’s an easy recipe but there is a few tricky things.  First of all, there is a typo in the online version.  I used my book so I didn’t have that problem.  The second thing is there is a bit of a lack of explanation about the juice.  If you read the comments on that page, I’m not the only one who felt there was a poor explanation there.

So I figure I’ll share what I did and help you with that problem.  I started by measuring out 4 cups of juice.  This went into the large pot for making the filling.  I used a huge pot because I thought it might boil over (like jelly) but that was not the case.  Don’t feel like you need to use such a large pot.

Then I measured another 4 cups of juice.  I canned this with the pie filling in 2 pints jars (as juice).  The rest of the juice – I poured back into the cherries.  Well, technically, I dumped the cherries into the remaining juice and gave them a good stir.

The end result was really good pie filling.  I’m thinking I’ll be making some ice box pies with this pie filling.  We had a little left over that just got eaten.  It was good.

I’ve shied away from pie filling without a really good reason why.  I’m thinking I will be going back to the store for more Clearjel.  I bought some on a fluke because I found it at a cute little store and it was inexpensive.

I recommend trying pie filling if you haven’t, gives a nice variety.