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This is not a complete kit and not what you have to get but I thought I’d show you what I put together and talk about some ideas for shopping.


The two baskets are my produce baskets.  I’ve never been big on putting my produce in bags but it happens on occasion.  What I hate most is when my food refuses to stay put and keeps rolling out the back of the cart.  We bought these at the Dollar Tree this past weekend so bonus because they only cost us $2.

In the front right corner, you can just barely see my shopping bags.  These curl up into little pouches and attach to the basket handles or my purse with little carabiners.  What you don’t see is that we have a large assortment of reusable shopping bags in the trunk of our car.  I’m not trying to pretend this is all you need, I just didn’t want to dig them out for pictures.  To be honest, those little bags (I have three but one seems to be on vacation right now) are what I use most of the time.  We used the baskets at the farmer’s market and they were perfect for what we purchased.

The paper bags and sour cream containers are new to us and our shopping experience.  The bags are for dry bulk purchases and the containers are for anything wet including items we pick up at the deli.  We don’t do a lot of deli shopping because of our food allergies but you never know and I want to be prepared.  The sour cream containers might be perfect for getting berries at the farmer’s market or something of that nature.  I know they are plastic but since we already purchased them, we’re going to get as much use out of them as possible.

One thing not pictured (because it’s in use) is the coffee bag.  I am addicted to this coffee sold at our local co-op in the bulk bins.  The bag is paper and it never dawned on me to re-use it because it’s paper and easily recycles.  However, sometimes they rearrange the coffee bins and I get confused.  After seeing someone else reuse their coffee bag, I realized not only would it reduce trash but I would always know which coffee I buy (so long as they don’t go changing the numbers on me).  Reusing it serves a greater purpose.  For those who wonder what do I do if I’m not quite out of coffee – I pour the remaining grounds in a glass jar and they wait for the new coffee to come hang out.  (Don’t judge me, I get my beans ground at the store because I am lazy.)

As we buy groceries, the shopping kit will change.  I would like to purchase some small paper snack bags for things like spices.  I’m thinking I might like to make things like bread bags and wax wrap to help us move to becoming more plastic free.  I have some ideas for things we can create to help reduce our plastic use.  I’m already brainstorming what we need to have prepared for when we run out of Ziploc bags.  I’m sad to say, we use a lot of bags.  We do wash them as we can and reuse them but we still go through a lot.  My lunch today had 4 ziplock bags.  One holds all my washed plastic utensils that do not seem to fit in anything else.  Two will be washed and reused but the third is heading for the trash.  (It may only be 1 bag but if I only threw 1 away every day, I would be throwing away 365 bags that will not biodegrade.)

This kit sits in the backseat of our car so we always have it available and so we don’t forget, it’s right next to my purse.