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I mentioned that biscuits and gravy are one of our go-to breakfast meals.  My husband and I were talking about gravy and how to make that work for food storage.  Originally, we thought we’d get a jar of instant ham stock.

We were at the store and no ham flavored anything – just your basic chicken, beef, and vegetable.  We could continue looking but this is our go-to store and remembering where we found it and the cost could just be difficult.

Then we found these:


The one on the left was about 74 cents and the other two were around 40 cents each.  That is not only doable but the small sizes and vacuum seal would make these perfect for not only food storage but travel/camping.  The problem is – would we like them?  So we bought one of each and tried them for dinner last night.


The white packages only made 1 cup gravy each while the other packet made 2 cups.  Cost wise, the larger package is a better choice.  As for flavor, they were all quite similar.  Not homemade but a nice alternative.   They were easy to cook.  They only took water and they were ready in minutes – a huge plus when you don’t have electricity to cook.

While this isn’t earth shattering information, I want to remind you to experiment now.  Don’t buy something for your food storage that you haven’t tried.  Nothing is worse than having food storage you won’t eat.

Food storage is not something abnormal or “special”, this is just making sure that you can eat the foods you love in an emergency.   Food storage for emergencies is hard but if done right, it’s only a well stocked pantry.  I see those emergency food buckets and they are so tempting but I know my family won’t love that food.  It won’t nourish our bodies and souls (pre-packaged meals are often high in sodium, sugar, and fat).

These packets of gravy are for ease and convenience in our food storage.  It’s about options.  I’ll still make sure we have things to make gravy from scratch.  I may not be able to make bacon or sausage gravy but we’ll still have choices.