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Vintage Noahs Ark Illustration

I’ve been debating what to do about Project Noah.  With being sick and my husband sick for the last month this has been the furthest thing from our mind.  I was disappointed with how this series ended (perhaps I should have waited until Sun Oven had the entire series before making a whole project here for it).  But I started it and I am going to finish it.

This is month six.  I’m going to share the assignments and then next week I will dig a little deeper and see what I can do about catching up.

  1. Pre-Disaster Preparation:
    a.  Study first aid tips on dealing with broken bones
    b.  Remember broken bones require the attention of a doctor
    c.  Keep any crutches you might need to acquire for your family, most are adjustable and can be  reused
  2.   Pre-Disaster Preparation:
    a. Put together a sanitation kit
    b. Make sure to add disposable gloves and feminine hygiene supplies to your kit
    c. Remember to add a multi-function knife, compass, matches/Firestarter, small cook stove (optional), radio,reusable glow lights and folding shovel to your 72 hour kit
  3. Non-Food Items: Laundry Detergent – Goals:
    a.  Determine how much your family will need for 90 days and for a year – is this doable?
    b.  Shop for the best prices and buy what you can afford
    c.  Explore alternatives, make your own
  4. Short Term: Favorite Family Recipe
    a. How is your three month supply coming along?
    b. Collect some of your favorite recipes
    c. Send your favorite recipe to share to Editor@SunOven.com
  5. Long Term Storage Item: Rice
    a. Store some in bulk cans or jars
    b. Experiment with recipes
  6. Prepare an emergency sanitation kit
    a. Collect supplies for using your home toilet
    b. Put together a portable potty to use in case your home is damaged
    c. For personal hygiene get a solar camp shower