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I saw a book in a box project without instructions and thought I could try to make something like that.  This is completely an experiment but I like the end result so I thought I’d share.


Because this is an experiment, I don’t have exact instructions for you.  Hopefully this is simple enough to follow.
I started with a scrap piece of mat board.  I cut two large identical rectangles for the large sides and a thin piece the same length for the spine.  For the small ends, I didn’t have quite enough mat board to make a full box.  I went with shorter sides figuring it would help to remove the book over time.


I saw this neat trick on the Frugal Crafter – she took pieces of paper to make corners to attach mat board in the construction of a box (hopefully this will be clearer as I go on).  I took some scrap light cardstock and cut it into strips just shorter than my mat board pieces.


I folded the pieces in half at both ends and then scored them down the middle using a fake pencil and my cutting board.


This makes corner pieces which can be glued on two pieces of mat board to make reinforced corners.


As you can see here they worked well – better if you trim them so they don’t overlap.


I seem to have a shortage of pictures but I did get the box all together.  I used a little scotch tape to help with the seams until I was able to wrap the box in paper.
I should note that I used tacky glue to create the box but used double sided tape to attach the paper to the box.


To make the book – I cut a piece of copy paper to just under the length of the box.  Then I folded it.  Once I found what worked, I cut several pages to make an accordian book.


I attached the pages with the short pieces using double sided tape.  I didn’t attach the pages completely so that I would have an extra “page”.


I need to finish the book part but the overall project was simple enough and rather fun.  I hope this inspires you to try and make similar projects.