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This month has been one heck of a rollercoaster ride.  I’ve been sick the entire month – I am so done with that and yet I am still sick.  On top of that, work has been insane.  This is normally a quiet period but nope not this year.  I’ve been trucking along as best as I can.

The funny thing is that I think I’ve actually not wasted the month.  We’ve had a few days out foraging.  The nice thing about a late start to the year is that we are finding that we are early instead of late.  It helps when I lost the majority of Memorial Day weekend.  That’s usually the start of our foraging season.  The following week being a big part as well until berry season.

We were late by a weekend and still came away with a full bucket of Arnica and enough elderflowers to make our desired projects.  We got wild rose, morel mushrooms, and a small amount of cattails.  Cattails are slow this year so we’ll try again in a week or so.  The nice thing about a slow season is that we could only pick what we could eat.  We made a pint of cattail pickles and then ate the rest fresh.

We’ve been experimenting with food – homemade and store bought.  We’ve discovered a brand of lebnah that is rather inexpensive and so good.  I’m thinking a post is in the works because lebnah is also easy to make.  We’re learning new ways to eat it.

We tried paneer at home for the first time.  I’ve had it at restaurants but I’ve never made a paneer dish at home.  Paneer is another one that I hear is simple enough to make at home.  I’m trying to limit my dairy so I’ll come back to that one when I am fully well.

Meanwhile, I have a few creative projects in the works and have lots of inspiration.  The nice thing is that because our season is late this year, I have a lot of time to pick at projects before spending all my weekends canning.

Speaking of canning, I canned some fun beans this past month (soups and in stock as well as plain).  Last weekend we got in a batch of beets and a batch of chicken.

My husband has been on a creative kick this past month as well.  I’m thinking I should get him to put together a tutorial or two because he’s got some great ideas.

The best part of this past month has been the large number of books I’ve been reading.  Been on a kick for a few months and I’ve been getting about 20 graphic novels at a time from the library.  So many great stories.  I finished a great novel today and feel it’s time to transition back to novels and spend some time in someone else’s world.