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I had planned on making some things from my handmade paper over Memorial Day Weekend.  I had gotten some things started only to get pneumonia so they went on the back burner.  I finished some of my projects last night with the idea of sharing them.

None of these projects are exceptional but they were fun and I can’t wait to enjoy them and see what happens to the remaining pieces.  Not all of these projects are complete but are enough to help you come up with ideas for your own handmade paper.

Up above, I made two Christmas ornaments.  The thick ornament was actually very easy to punch the hole through with my paper piercer.  I was shocked because I expected the thickness to be an obstacle.  These are also very light.


I didn’t want to show you picture after picture of Christmas ornaments so I turned my pumpkins into cute little Thanksgiving ornaments.  With a little cleverness these can easily be for Halloween as well.  I’m thinking they may go on the plaque that hangs on our front door.

These pieces made a cute card.  It’s thick and heavy so I’m thinking it’s going to be a card I hand someone instead of mailing.  The brown rectangle is where I plan on putting a sentiment but since I don’t know who is getting this card, I didn’t want to put anything on yet.


This is one that I haven’t figured out what I am going to do with but I love it.  This is the circle I made with the napkin pressed into the fibers.  I painted the napkin with iridescent paint – white for the background and pink for the flowers.  Today, I cleaned out a box of supplies and found that sticker branch with the perfect flowers.  I do want to share that I cut up and reshaped that branch.  You should always know that you can fiddle with your supplies.

These pumpkins were meant for a project I had in the works but couldn’t find.  The image on this mat board did not come through at all for the picture.  It’s a spooky looking forest and I thought I might make a fun Halloween piece but I just wasn’t really inspired.  I just laid the pumpkins on the board to demonstrate that they can be used in mixed media projects.  They will go on some project but I may not have what I want for it right now.

So, there you have it – some ideas on things you can do with your handmade paper.  The most important part is to play – have some fun.  The great thing about handmade paper is that it’s trash that you are playing with.  If it doesn’t work out – you can reprocess it or throw it in the recycling bin.  Pieces you don’t love aren’t precious – paint them and paint them again until you love them or throw them out.