This has been an insane week and I am so swamped at work I can barely think.  I wanted to pop in and share what really is a pinterest fail.  I made the Dulce De Leche Banana Cheesecake from this Buzzfeed post.  My family was rather impressed that I followed the directions (moreso than most recipes).  I subbed a pre-made crust, homemade cream cheese and caramel sauce for the dulce de leche.  Those were minor alterations.

I liked the simplicity of this recipe but what it doesn’t tell you is how long this sucker takes to make.  You start with chilling the crust and bananas for 30 minutes.  I thought it was too long a wait for the filling – yeah, no.  The filling takes at least 30 minutes to make.  I cheated and turned up the heat.  My punishment for my impatience was a grainy cheesecake.  Or maybe that was because my cream cheese was homemade – I really have no idea.

Then it’s 4 hours of waiting while the filling sets up.  As you can see from the above picture – we didn’t wait.  It was nearly 10 at night and we wanted cheesecake for dessert so we cut into it.  The softness of the cheesecake didn’t bother us.

We did eat a slice the next night and it was a little less grainy.

The flavor is okay – most of it comes from the bananas and caramel sauce.  The cheesecake part was decent especially since it was no eggs.

The filling made more than what I needed for the crust so I made some mini cheesecakes in canning jars.  Those are cute and I like that we can add any fruit on top and custom make them.

I’ll probably make this again and do the canning jars only.  That way we don’t damage the entire pie while trying to sample early.  I definitely think this is one of those recipes that you make on a weekend so that you aren’t trying to slip in dessert during tv watching.