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Previously, I shared a post on making yo-yo’s.  I had thought about stitching them all together and seeing what happened.  However, that just wasn’t something I wanted to do.  I wasn’t sure I’d end up with something that I cared about.  Then I had an idea.  One popular plan for yo-yos is to turn them into flowers for various projects.
I can’t say this is a unique use of these flowers but not one I had seen before.  I had originally planned to stitch buttons onto the yo-yos but I hot glued them instead.  Then I hot glued them to the canvases.
I used pastel (pencil for the white and block for the black) to create the leaves and stems.  I had planned to embroider the stems and leaves but couldn’t find my thread.  Now that I have found it, I may be making a few more of these for fun.


Funny how the black canvas is harder to photograph.  This picture shows the leaves and stems best.


While this one shows off the flowers better.

The point of sharing is to offer you some inspiration.  Sometimes we have a plan, sometimes not.  In the end, what matters is that we follow the inspiration to its end and see what happens.  If we give up too soon, we miss out on opportunities to stretch ourselves and learn new things.