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The Lemonade Stand Cookbook: Step-By-Step Recipes and Crafts for Kids to Make…and Sell!

When I was asked to review this book, I didn’t even hesitate.  How cute is this idea – a full cookbook focused on children’s lemonade stands?  There is so much I love about this book.  I love that it encourages kids in business.  There are plenty of tips for designing a lemonade stand as well as various business tips (including how to run a stand for charity).

There are recipes for a variety of lemonades and other drinks.  I would have loved this when my son was big into selling lemonade (I hate to admit we were lemon kool-aid sellers).  Beyond that, there are recipes for treats you can easily make to sell.  All recipes are kid friendly and simple.

For the crafty, there are even some projects to improve the saleability of their items (such as decorative cups for the lemonade).

This book is good even if you don’t have a business minded child.  The recipes and projects can easily help fill up free time.  I’m thinking there are a several I’ll be trying this summer just for fun.

One last note, one thing I loved about this book is how much it was geared towards children.  The full color pictures are filled with children and there are stories and quotes from the kids who helped test recipes.

The book is so beautiful that I have picked it up several time just to look through the pages.  I’m thinking I need to find some young children to put together a lemonade stand just so I can play more with it.

To learn more about the book click here.  The site even offers a few sample recipes.