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The one thing I miss the most about not eating eggs is baked goods.  I want cinnamon rolls and doughnuts and cake so desperately.  I look through recipes and they all have eggs.  I look at vegan options and, more often than not, they are so weird that it’s not at all what I want.  I want the food I used to eat before I discovered my egg allergy.

We’ve slowly been figuring this out and I felt I was ready to tackle bread.  We have a great bread recipe but it’s not that same fluffy bread you get in the store.  Anyway, I did a little research and flax eggs came at the top of the list for replacing eggs in bread.  While I don’t mind flax eggs – they are pretty obvious in the final product.

I found a simple roll recipe and tried it with the flax eggs.  It worked nicely.  The chunks of flax weren’t my favorite but it got me thinking – I needed an experiment.  This recipe was so easy that making three batches in one day was not difficult.  I will say this is not a scientific experiment and I didn’t take any other picture than the one at the top of this post.

I made three versions – flax eggs, Ener-G eggs and no eggs.  The roll at the front of the picture is the one made with the Ener-G eggs.  It rose so well and came out light, fluffy and awesome.  I know I’m jumping the gun here a little and telling you this is the way I will be going from now on since I haven’t talked about the other two but it just happens to be in the front of the picture.

The roll behind that one is the one with the flax.  They are perfectly good rolls.  This time I put my flax meal in the coffee grinder and ground it to a powder.  It rose nicely and makes a nice roll.  I do like the added nutrition from the flax but it doesn’t make that squishy white bread I was looking forward to.

The roll all alone is the one without any egg.  It struggled through the whole process.  It took longer for the dough to raise (even though the kitchen was warmer by that time since I had to put it through the final raise after I baked the others).  It just never felt like it was as easy.

I do want to note that I added the egg replacement during the time I was proofing the yeast.  What I loved is that it took away a step – I could add the ingredients right into the bowl instead of starting the “eggs” ahead of time in a cup and letting them sit (and hoping I gave them enough time).

Homemade Rolls
1 cup warm water
1 TB yeast
ingredients for 1 “egg” (1 TB flax meal/3TB water or 1/2 TB Ener-G/2 TB water)
1/4 cup sugar
2 TB butter, soft
3 1/4 cups flour

Pour the warm water into your mixing bowl.  Add egg ingredients and give a good stir.  Add yeast and sugar, mix.  Let sit 10 minutes to proof egg and yeast.
Add butter and 2 1/4 cups flour.  Start your mixer or mix by hand.  Slowly add in remaining flour.  Once incorporated, knead the bread several times.  I prefer to do this in the bowl.  The dough will be soft but it should not be overly sticky.  Cover with towel and let raise 60 – 90 minutes.  You can add a little oil to reduce sticking.
Punch down dough and give it a few kneads.  Pinch off pieces and roll into balls.  Set in greased 9×13 pan.  I like to make 15 rolls per batch.  Cover and let rise until doubled.
Bake at 350 for 15 – 20 minutes or until the rolls are golden.