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Vintage Noahs Ark Illustration

This is one project I feel like I have really dropped the ball.  As I delve more and more into Sun Oven’s Project Noah, the more I realize that it’s not a well developed program.  They have finally finished the twelve months and I am not loving how it finished.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t merit in the program.

I went back and read through the first four months to see where I was dropping the ball before moving on to month 5.

Month 1 – still need toothpaste and a 3 month meal plan.  I will say we go through toothpaste really slowly.  I’m just now getting to the end of my tube so I can try the toothpaste we are thinking of buying for our storage.  The good news is – we can buy less toothpaste.  I have it noted that we will need 12 – 15 tubes.  The cases are 12 tubes so I will not be buying extra.

Month 2 – I just about have my hygiene kit complete and ready for the bags.  My husband and I had a bit of a communication break down so we need to buy more toilet paper and come up with a plan to make sure we have plenty stored without overstocking.

Month 3 – communication plan, shelter items for bags, soap experiments.  The soap experiments are going to be ongoing but I really need to get that communication plan figured out and get some shelter items for our emergency kits.

Month 4 – double check first aid kits, shampoo, deodorant and conditioner.  I completely dropped the ball here – illness consumed my household and I just plain forgot.

The biggest hang-up I have is the 3 month food supply.  I know we have food but I am struggling with the idea of getting the plan together.

This month, I want to come up with a plan to finish the previous months’ assignments as well as get me moving through this next month.

This month is about evacuation plans.  Fortunately, I thought we had that already (did I misread the assignments?) so I have an evacuation plan thought out.  However, we haven’t had a family meeting to make sure everyone is onboard with the plan.  We, also, do not have pictures and legal papers in our emergency kits.  These are important things to have so I’ll be working on making copies and getting things into the kit.

First aid is revisited this month but I don’t need training.  I do need to double check the kits and make sure we are still up to date.

As part of the soap experiments, I want to see if we can replace all our soap needs.  This may not be a permanent replacement but it would be nice to see if I can come up with some alternatives for emergencies.

Sun Oven suggests gardening to help with food stores but we are not gardening this year.

Long term storage is flour/wheat.  I’m thinking it’s probably a good time to stock up on a bag or two.


My big goals for this month is to finalize any evacuation plans and get the family to agree to them; to make a food plan; and to check the first aid kits.  That should be plenty of work.