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Sorry to have disappeared last week.  I finished May with a lovely bout of pneumonia.  I’m well into recovery.  I was lucky to have it caught very early so my time down was not as much as it could have been.  It did mean that all my wonderful projects planned for my three day weekend did not get much attention.  I feel like I never caught up in May.

May was a good month for reflection.  I took time to reorganize my projects and my plans.  It’s better to check in with your goals on a regular basis and I had been neglecting them.  Between the weather and illness in my family, I just let things slide until I felt like I was doing nothing.

I took my break and now I feel like I can recapture that feeling I had at the beginning of the year.   The reason New Year resolutions fail is that we are not able to get to the successful part before we get into the forgetting part.  Long term goals are hard to maintain because we get busy.  That’s where I had gotten.  I wasn’t necessarily busy but I let life get in the way.  I got back into old routines.  I found that my successes were not as plentiful as they are in the beginning when everything is new and exciting.

Because I had put the steps in place before I got sick, once I started feeling better I was finding myself with things I could do instead of sitting around wondering what I needed to work on.  A little organization helped me when I needed it most.  So it’s not a complete loss.

We’re finally getting into spring/summer here in the Palouse.  I was able to go out to the woods twice before I got really sick.  It’s nice to reconnect with nature after such a long time.  I’ve got projects coming and plenty of work as the summer moves on.  I’ll be taking the next few weeks getting more organized so I don’t miss anything.

I encourage you to take a moment to check in with yourself.  I was fortunate to have a sick husband as I was getting sick.  I was able to have everything I needed in place for a speedy recovery.  Without that, I may not have even realized I needed to take care of myself.  There is more here than just an infection.  I realized I hadn’t been checking to make sure I was eating right, sleeping well enough, or even taking enough time to refill my well.

Take it from me – getting sick is not the best way to remember to take care of yourself.