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Because this was 100% an experiment, my pictures are lacking.  I didn’t know if anything would work out.  As you can see from the page above, it did and now I wish I had taken more pictures.


I wanted to make watermelon paper for an upcoming ATC theme.  I have seen several ways one can make stamps from household supplies.  I dug through my supplies and pulled out several sheets of really cheap craft foam which had spent some time in a sunny place (not recommended).  I, also, pulled a scrap of foam board out of my cardboard pile, along with a few pieces of cardboard.

With the craft foam, I cut out several squares about 2 inches square and glued them in the center.  I didn’t glue the entire square to make it easier to trim.  However, it did mean going back and adding more glue once I had my shapes.

I peeled the paper off the foam board.  You can also use styrofoam which is basically the same thing.

I cut the pieces to my desired shapes.  In this case – a watermelon center and rind.


I glued them to the small scraps of cardboard and then trimmed tight to the shape of my stamp.


Then I attached a wooden spool for a handle.


One set of instructions, the creator used spray inks on their stamps.  So I went with my homemade alcohol inks.  I didn’t take great notes of what I did where but on this page, I alternated the foam board with the craft foam.  I felt that they were quite similar.  The really solid stamps are ones I went back with the paint brush.

I should note that I applied the ink with damp, cheap watercolor brushes.  I sprayed them on a plate first and then used the brush to apply the color to the stamp since I wanted two different colors.

I added the seeds with a sharpie.


This one I used the same technique but used cheap watercolor.  I think the craft foam stamped nicer but the foam board worked.  I did feel like the watercolor stamped better than the ink.  There were less unstamped areas in the stamp surface.

Overall, both mediums had their pluses and minuses.  The craft foam has to have several sheets glued together to make a thick enough stamp.  The foam board (styrofoam) is not as smooth of a surface.  Both were easy enough to cut and gave me a good enough impression.  I like the artsy look.

I forgot to take a picture of my cards after I cut the paper down.  They are so cute.  I’ll share when I have them finished.