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I hadn’t meant for this to be a stand-alone post but it didn’t fit into yesterday’s.  This is going to be a sort of insert – not a full tutorial.  For the full paper making tutorial go here.



Start with putting your pulp into your mold (just like before).


Smoosh down with your sponge but not too much.


Cut your object for embedding down to approximately the size of your paper.  Now I went bigger but you may want to cut smaller depending on what you are embedding.  I am choosing a napkin here.

You can embed various paper types or botanicals.  I think for seeds you will want to add them earlier than I did here – while the pulp is still fairly loose.


Because my napkin is larger, I removed the mold.  You can do what works best for your project.


Lay your item on your paper.  Press into the wet pulp with your sponge.  Continue with the process – pressing your paper with the sponge until it is firm and drier.


I weighted mine to make sure the napkin was fully embedded.  I will trim the excess when the paper is fully dry.


I got bored at the end so I dumped the remaining pulp onto the screen.  I may have used the round cookie cutter to help remove some of the water.  You can handle the pulp.  I’ve squeezed in pieces between my two sponges and hand formed the paper.


While this isn’t exactly a set of instructions, I want to encourage you to play.  Here I just took the remaining pulp and formed it into a blob.  I used the sponge to flatten and move the pulp.  These papers are on the thick side but I think they will be fun to play with.