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Vintage Book Illustration

Sometimes you just have to find amusement in the little things like this ridiculous picture.  I’m thinking I should make it my new wallpaper because it tickles me to no end.

But that’s not why you are here – to be honest, I don’t know why you are here.  Lately I feel like I have nothing.  My dad has a saying “Can’t dance and too wet to plow.”  Usually that means he might as well go along with your suggestion because he has nothing else.  That’s where I feel like I am – it is so wet and I feel like all I do is complain about the weather.

It snowed in the mountains yesterday.  Our closest mountain is my beacon for the end of winter.  The last of the visible snow disappeared a couple weeks ago.  It was a promise that soon – really soon I could climb the peaks looking for mushrooms and greens and, eventually, berries.

Makes me grateful I opted not to plant a garden this year.  Two years of horrible summers just killed any desire to grow my own food.

So what do I do instead – read books about women who are living the life I want to live.  They are not all idyllic books which makes it easier to be stuck in my crappy apartment one more year with no hope for land.

Okay – that was enough whining.  What am I doing even though I can’t dance and it’s boat building time?  I’m decluttering.  I know – sounds exciting.  But wait – it’s not what you think it is.

I recently read an article on things that people hold onto even though they should let them go.  Most of the list were your typical things like hotel soaps or old restaurant menus.  The one that got me was decluttering your information spaces.  That’s not how it was worded and I believe that it was a more specific thing like your Netflix queue.  But if pinterest is any indication – we are an information hoarding society.

I’m very anti-social on pinterest because other people’s boards just make me crazy.  I have, actually, seen boards with tens of thousands of posts.  A short scroll and I can see lots of duplicates and just crap.  I don’t know how anyone can find anything in those boards.  Yet, it is so common and the reason I no longer visit anyone’s pinterest page.

While I can brag about the cleanliness of my pinterest account – let me give you some dirty laundry.  I have over 2,500 pins spread out over 48 boards.  I realized it would take me almost 7 years to try every one of my pins if I did one a day.   That’s ridiculous.

Unfortunately, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I have a series of recipe files.  Most of them are ones I use on a regular basis but when I started cleaning it out, I realized that there were quite a few I have saved for years and have never tried.  Or I tried once and never again.  I’m afraid to give them up.

Okay so that doesn’t sound so bad – right.  Then I was looking at my flashdrive yesterday, I have file after file of recipes and project ideas.  That doesn’t include my collection of binders.  I used to photocopy recipes and ideas out of books.  Then I would those pages in binders (never to be seen again).

My new favorite way of saving paper – take pictures.  In the last year (not sure exactly when I started this but it was more recent than that), I’ve collected over 300 pictures of pages I wanted to save.  It’s embarrassing.  I can’t even begin to count all the other files I’m saving for future reference.

So, while I am lamenting about how my life is over because the rain will not stop and we are still so freakishly cold, I’m going through these files.  But I’m not just organizing them.  I’m making plans to actually do something with them.

The best part is that they are semi-inspiring me.  The goal is that they will push me over that edge back to being creative so I have something to share on this blog again.  I do have a project in the works but I forgot to take pictures.  I’ll start sharing that tomorrow.