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I have been so cranky.  Not the sort of cranky where everything bothers me – the kind that has me seeking out things that make me cranky.  Like facebook.  I know it’s just making me cross but I keep going back there.  This is one of those cycles that you have to recognize before you can break it.  It doesn’t go away on its own.

So I decided yesterday that I had to figure out what was going on with me and find some other way to pass my time.  Still not really sure what’s going on in my brain but I do know that I desperately needed play time.  I was going to title this post – Might As Well Make Art but I’m not sure I’m making art.

I do know that I am having a blast playing.  I’ve got some great inspiration and hope it holds out until this weekend when I can really play.



The play I am sharing for today is using doilies.  I have a huge collection of paper doilies of all shapes and sizes.  Today I stuck with round ones.  I think they were 4 inch and 8 inch.


Since I am playing in my office, I had to keep the supplies to a minimum.  I forgot to grab some markers to play with but I do have some watercolors and a few felt pens.  I wanted to start with figuring out how to add color.  The felt pens didn’t blend at all.  They did bleed a little (not all the color on that doily is marker, though).  The watercolor added nicely but it changes color.  The bold red and blues faded greatly but the brown, yellow, and green actually showed up better once dried.


I went with this project but being me, I decided to change the directions.  This flower was made by cutting the circle so that the ends were separated (like a strip instead of a circle).  I thought it made the project easier.  It did to a point.


This one was made exactly according to the directions.  Once I made one, it wasn’t hard at all.


The original instructions make for a thicker flower so I guess it depends on the project you want this flower for.


Since that flower was really easy and I had plenty of time and doilies, I attempted some other designs.  I was just making things up and they were not turning out very well.  So I cut the lacy part off to make more of the circle flowers and turned the centers into other flowers.


Here they aren’t all that excited but I think they will look cute when I figure out what I am going to use them for.  I’m thinking gold beads in the center.