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One of the requirements in my merit badge program was to watch two historical movies and research their accuracy.  I have to say I was so impressed with these three movies.

When I was a kid, you knew a docudrama was mostly fake with some real information thrown in.  There would be huge changes such as romantic storylines when there had never been a romance.  Or action when it was all dialogue.

I would say that these three movies are pretty close to 90% accurate – yes there was some hollywood magic but none that changed the entire story.

For example, there was a scene in Hidden Figures that never happened in real life but it showed the real struggle of that time and the fact that NASA made alterations to counter those issues.  It wasn’t as dramatic as it was in the movie but slow policy is not as interesting as a big scene.  It wasn’t exactly false but it wasn’t exactly true.  However, I wished it had been.  How amazing would that have been (for those who have seen the movie, I’m talking about the scene with the bathrooms)?

What I love best about these three movies is they unearth important stories in our history.  Stories that were reshaping our country (for the good and the bad).  Stories that were somehow never told.  I am so glad that they are coming to light now.  What an amazing year for movies.

I, originally, was going to talk about the movies and the history more specifically but I really want you to explore these movies for yourself.  They were all very good movies.  I will caution that Birth of a Nation deals with some very graphic moments.  It’s not a good movie for someone sensitive to violence.  The movie’s main character is a slave so the violence is not necessarily unexpected but I had moments where I wasn’t sure I could watch.  I’m rarely put off by onscreen violence.

Hidden Figures is probably the most entertaining of the three but all of the movies kept my attention and even got my husband watching.