I think back over April and I can’t see what I was able to accomplish.  I’m sure there was something but most of the month I felt like I was treading water.  It’s been a long hard month and I am ready for summer to start.

Washington has beat all sorts of records this winter/spring for rainfall.  One article suggested that Seattle has gotten twice as much rain as the previous record.  While we are far from Seattle, we have certainly felt the struggle for dry and warm.  Rumor is we’ll have our first 70 degree day this week.  It’s been cold, grey and wet.  I’m nearly drowning with depression.

I keep holding on but I’m a little nervous that this blog might not survive since I have to come up with ideas to write every day when I feel like doing very little.

I find this is a rather sad attempt to maintain some sort of normalcy but it’s all I got.  If I give up now, I’ll never see how far I can go – right?

So we’ll sing another round of “the sun will come out tomorrow” and hope it really does.  Meanwhile, thank you for your patience.