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Vintage Noahs Ark Illustration

You are probably going to hear this several times over the next few weeks but my life is currently insane.  I am so busy and I keep thinking I’ll get a handle on it.  I feel like April got wrapped around my ankle and just drug me along.

Looking back at month three – we did come up with an evacuation plan.   I don’t feel like they are solid and we need to sit down as a family and really look at them but it’s a start.  I had plans to write a post about shutting down utilities but it’s not going to happen.  Thanks to a broken pipe this past winter, I do know how to shut the water off to the house and we know how to kill the electricity.  We don’t have gas so I am just checking that one off and moving on.

I didn’t get around to even looking at our emergency kits.  I know we need tarps and we have a tent but it hasn’t become part of the evacuation plan.  I didn’t look at food.

As for home storage – we have a lot of soap.  I like to make soap when I get a stockpile of grease.  We have several years worth of soap in the cupboard but I did want to go over soap making.  I promise, I will come back to this topic sometime.  As for any food planning – didn’t happen.

But that’s okay because I can and will come back to it.  Meanwhile, time to plan for Month Four.   This month focuses on first aid which is a nice breather for me (if I can remember to post about it).  I’ve been a first aid instructor for years so this is an easy month for me and I hope it has enough topics to help fill up posts for the coming month.

Non food items is more soap like items – Shampoo and Conditioner as well as Deodorant.  If I can remember, I want to share alternatives and discuss them.

For food storage – it’s all about the storage (where on earth are you going to put this stuff) and something I have plenty of – legumes.

Sorry to be so off lately.  That is the way life goes though – doesn’t it.