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Spring is still teasing us here in the Palouse and I’m feeling very cabin feverish.  It was a good time to read through Alchemy of Herbs.  This is a brand new book – out sometime in the last month.  I have taken a few webinars from Rosallee De La Foret and I really like what she has to say.

The first thing that attracts me to Rosalee is her concept that we design our herb usage by what our body needs vs what treats what ailment.  I’m not going to explain it well but it’s not a difficult concept.  For example, you have a cough.  She would ask you what your normal state of being is – are you normally hot or cold, are you a wet or dry person?  Then she would ask what your state of being is with your cough.  The herbs recommended would be based on whether you need to become warmer or cooler, wetter or drier.

Her book explains this and how to determine which herbs are better to help you achieve the health you want.

Now she doesn’t dive too deep into herbs with this book.  The herbs are all fairly common everyday herbs (and spices) such as rosemary and turmeric.  The most extravagant herbs are ones like astragulus and ashwaganda.  While they are not common kitchen herbs, they are easily obtained through herbal stores.  You may even be able to find supplements at a well stocked health food store.

This is a beginner book.  This is not going to make you an expert.  It will help you become more familiar with the herbs in your kitchen and ones that have a wide range of uses.  I have to say my favorite thing about her book is that she gives a range of daily doses and an explanation of how to take the herb on a daily basis.  That is information I find is often missing from herbal books.

It’s an affordable book at the current price of just over $17.  If you are interested in learning about herbs and want a good introduction then pick up this book.  Not only is there information about the herbs but she includes recipes to make it easy to consume them.