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I was going to hold on to this tutorial until I had a finished project but it’s been so crazy lately that I am not 100% sure when I am going to get to finalizing this one.

I mentioned last week that I had a ton of fabric circles that I cut for a project that I have no recollection of what it was.  I believe it had to do with making clothespin dolls since I do have one running around but since I don’t remember that may have been a project I came up with later.

Making Yo-yos is so easy.  All you need is your fabric circles, a needle and some sturdy thread.  I’m using upholstery thread mostly because I bought this thread thinking it would hold up to my child but my sewing machine hates it so I now use it for every project I can.


For me, it is easier to knot my thread and then make my stitches.  Some people prefer to make a tail and then knot the two ends together when finished.  I find that leaving the end untied means I have to pay attention to what is happening at that end as well as the stitching.

As for the stitches, you don’t want tiny stitches but you don’t want really long stitches.  I go by a 1/4 inch rule – no further than 1/4 inch from the edge and no longer than 1/4 inch.

Stitch all around the edge of your circle.  I don’t usually keep the circle flat like the picture above, I work to gather as much of the fabric on my needle, almost like knitting.  It seems to go faster that way.


Pull your stitch so the fabric gathers.  Once you get to about this point above, it’s easier to stitch in and out instead of gathering on the needle.


When you get to the end, pull the fabric together as tight as you can.  I like to finish my last stitch where my first stitch started and then knot.


Push down on the center until the purse flattens and you have a coin like yo-yo.  I often try to tuck the edges in as much as possible.


View from the other side.

Yo-yos are fun to play with for crafting.  They can be stacked to make dolls or other 3-D items.  They can be used as accents on mixed media projects.  I have used some to make a necklace and hair bands.

I’m taking all the yo-yos from this project and am going to sew them together into a blanket of sorts.  The size will determine its use.