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I must admit we didn’t exactly do a perfect challenge last week.  We ate at friends’ houses twice which was really rare for us and an amazing treat.  Then, because we are doing this challenge, my husband and I took the grocery money and went on a date.  It’s the first time in a long time we paid for us to eat at a real restaurant (usually we are only treated by friends and family).  I feel a little guilty that there is just a little bit of grocery money for real groceries.  We made a real choice but knowing we had enough food at home to feed the family.

I will be going to the store tonight to pick up a few essentials – milk, pizza sauce, tortillas (1 pack because we are going to try making some soon), cornstarch and some fresh fruits and veggies for lunches.  Even with our 2 gallons of water for the water storage, I expect to spend around $10.  We’re digging back in this week.

Because of the lack of real routine last week, we’re going to add Boxty back to our menu plan because we went out to eat instead.

So our menu plan for week three:



Honey Sesame Chickpeas

Green Chile Enchiladas with Green chile sauce

Potato and onion burritos

Salt and Pepper Tofu

There is one slight upset for our meal planning – one of the websites I love and had hoped to borrow several recipes suddenly has gone down this week.  I’m hoping it comes back soon.  If not, I may be emailing the author to see if what they are going to do and how can I get the recipes.