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I learned to crochet as a child.  Sadly, my skills have developed very little.  I don’t get how to read a pattern and counting stitches is like torture.  But I want to crochet.  I want the really cool thing that one can make with crochet.  So, the last couple of years, I’ve been challenging myself to learn how to crochet.  Projects are easier than just playing with techniques.

When I saw this pattern for “Easy” Crochet Wreaths, I thought this just might be something to challenge me.  As you can see above, it wasn’t as easy as it looked.  My first wreath lacked any sort of ruffle.  My next two just looked lumpy but as I got into the last two, I felt like I was creating something that resembled the pictures in the pattern.

The rings for the wreath come in packs of 5 and I felt it was a perfect opportunity to practice.  I’m sharing, not because I have any great insight to making the pattern successful, to show that it’s okay not to have perfection.  My husband is in love with these little wreaths and can’t wait to add them to the tree this Christmas.  I love that I can see the progression.  I didn’t give up and I learned that I can crochet.  I was really impressed that I actually understood some of the pattern.

The best part is I have the confidence to tackle the next project.

Now because I ran out of rings and I wanted something to make me feel like a master, I picked this wreath to add to the collection:


This one hardly needs instructions – just a really long chain (at least 5 feet).  Wrap around your hand and tie off.  Add a ribbon.  So cute and now I am off to tackle the next project.  I’m thinking something like this.