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We had a lot of success last week.  Dad has been staying with us so he did buy some salad fixings to contribute.

The above picture is our “chicken” and dumplings made solely with items from the pantry.  We accidently used fish stock instead of chicken stock (I strongly urge you to label items in your pantry).  The stock wasn’t bad but it wouldn’t be my favorite.  Then we used dried carrots, peas and green beans.  The soup was good and filling.  Dumplings were just biscuits that we cooked in the broth.  All done in the crockpot.

One recipe we tried for the first time was Enfrijoladas.


A few months ago I canned beans.  I canned pinto beans in water with garlic and onions with the idea of making them into refried beans (of sorts).  They are really good but really wet.  This worked perfectly here.  We pureed the beans and added them with a can of petite diced tomatoes in a saucepan.  Seasoned with a little taco seasoning and salt and they were the perfect “sauce”.  The rest of the recipe was the same.

I will say that the tortillas didn’t like being dipped.  I tore every single one of them trying to get them through the process but it didn’t affect the overall dish.  This was so easy and so good that we are definitely adding it to the rotation.

For this week: we have 2 dinner dates with friends at their houses which is really unexpected and wonderful for stretching our meal planning out.  We went with planning 4 meals and then noting that we will have a refrigerator clean out day as well.

Meals are :

Tator Tot Casserole


Lentil Chili

Breakfast Burritos – potato and sausage (no egg)

We’re going to try making tortillas for our breakfast burritos instead of purchasing them so we’ll let you know how that goes.