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I didn’t think I’d have much to share for March because we put our life on hold while my 4 year old niece came for a long visit.  However, I managed to get a few things done.

I finished the worry dolls.


They are so cute – and yes one is missing a head.  I forgot about that one as I was posting.  I had run out of head beads and felt like I could finish it the rest of the way and then find a bead for the head.  I guess I should add that to the to-do list for this weekend.

Along the line of UFO’s – I am nearly finished with this huge scrapbooking project I took on a couple years ago.  The goal was to scrapbook, very basically, all our pictures.  It was extensive but mostly it went through supplies like you wouldn’t believe.  I hope I have enough to make it through the last piles of pictures (tonight if all goes well).

I, also, am nearly finished with these cute little crochet wreaths.  I will be sharing the project next week.  These were hard because I don’t crochet well but the project was perfect because I learned new things and I got to practice.  If you want to crochet but aren’t very good at it then I highly recommend this project.  The supplies make 5 wreaths so there’s a good excuse to practice.

I’ve been watching some great movies and have really been craving historical movies and shows.  I can’t wait to share my thoughts on those since not only have I watched some great productions, I’ve been checking off some items on the merit badge list.

One lesson I had to remind myself this month is that this is my life.  While that seems like a funny lesson to learn, the reality is that I get stuck because I feel like I have meet certain requirements.  If I start a book, I need to finish it.  If I start a project, I have to make sure it looks like the expected end result.  If I decide I am going to “earn” a merit badge, I have to do all the requirements perfectly.

I’ve talked about this before but this past month I’ve really struggled with it.  I was reading The Artist’s Way which is a book I love but I realized that as I was getting to the final weeks, it was no longer something I looked forward to.  I thought perhaps it was because I was tired – a 4 year old wears you out.  Then I thought maybe it was because I was blocked.  It had to be me – right?  Then I realized that the reason the last weeks weren’t working for me is because they did not support my path.  I love the book and I will always recommend it.  However, I don’t want to use my creativity as my career.  I want to enjoy being creative.  I want to go where it leads me but I don’t have any expectations of using my creative results to make money.  So there was nothing wrong with me or anything wrong with the book.  It was just what I didn’t need.  It took me two weeks to pretend to read week 11 before I realized that I don’t have to do anything.  I’d been not fully committed for a few weeks because I had already gotten what I needed from the book this time.

I had to tell myself it was okay to not finish.

Then I had to tell myself that it was okay to make changes to my merit badge program.  It’s my program so why can’t I make changes.  The goal was to give myself permission to explore topics that interested me not to make it feel like work or punishment.

It’s a funny notion – this idea of perfection.  We start shoving these ideas into places they really don’t need to be.  No one is going to punish me for deciding I don’t like a book and stop reading it.  I’m not going to fail if I decide I don’t want to learn about the history of a federal building (there are none in my community so what’s the point of learning about a building I won’t see when there are so many wonderful buildings I can see).

There is no rule that says if I decide I don’t want to do it today that I can never do it later.  These are things meant to enhance my life and they are unsuccessful if they do nothing but stress me out.  Here I am having to talk myself out of the “have tos” that I created for the sake of fun.

All in all – life is good.  Spring is coming.  We’ve got beautiful flowers blooming and I am excited for what comes next.  April may become a busy month but I will take the time to enjoy it.