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Vintage Noahs Ark Illustration

Month two was not as easy as I had hoped.  I did share lots of information about toilet paper this month and it became more of my focus than it should have.  I do believe we are okay on toilet paper and have a good plan for creating an alternative to toilet paper.

We felt we had enough oatmeal, beans and rice so nothing needed there.  I have been stashing $5 every pay period.  This is money that we stash and forget so it’s not spent.  We’re up to 8 new gallons of water for our water storage (I can’t remember how much we started with – oops).

The last thing on the list is to plan breakfast for our food storage.  Breakfast is so easy because we’re not very interesting breakfast eaters.  My husband and son are not huge breakfast eaters so we have a fairly good stockpile of grains for eating.  I did make notes of what I’d like to have in our food storage when we have room some day.  For those interested, breakfast in our house usually is something like oatmeal or grits or toast and cocoa or pancakes.

On to Month Three – This month digs into some planning.  While I’ve done a huge plan in the past, I realized that it’s all outdated.  Our close to home locations are changing since my dad moved and my mom is moving (both of their homes were our level 2 evacuation points).

Since I mentioned levels – (this is my system) there are several levels of evacuation:
1 – just from the house (meeting point in case of fire), someplace where everyone can gather
2 – further from the house and a place where you can stay the night (still in city limits)
3 – outside city limits (best to have a location in all 4 directions in case you can’t evacuate in one direction)
4 – outside of your geographic area (for us it would be across one of two mountain ranges)

I will come back to these when I discuss evacuation plans.  There are a number of topics pertaining to evacuation plans that should be addressed this month.

Utility Shut-offs – this is a good one because it’s not one I always think of.

72 hour kit – food and shelter items.  The two things my 72 hours kit really lacks.

Non-food items – hand and body soap

Short term storage – Lunch planning

Long term storage – powdered milk.  I’m going to share this here because we have found the best deal through Azure Standard.  The milk is good.  My family all hated that I bought 50 pounds of powdered milk.  While they are not pouring themselves a glass to drink, they are more than willing to substitute the powdered milk for everything else.  In fact, it’s what we use for hot chocolate and gravy making.  My husband even makes some for his breakfast cereal to stretch our regular milk.  The next best deal I found was through Emergency Essentials but I can’t speak to the quality of the milk.