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This last weekend, we spent some time really thinking about the next month in terms of what we were going to eat.  Our pantry is amazingly full but it feels like we have no food because everything we have requires thought.  However, we realized it didn’t take as much thought as we thought it would.

I started out looking at old inventory sheets.  With my OCD, I love inventory sheets.  I inventory everything but I don’t keep up with the sheets because they take a lot of work and I just don’t have the time.  My sheets weren’t current but there are a number of things we are not going to run out of any time soon and there are a lot of things we always buy.  So I had a good idea of what we have.  I took that information and came up with a list of recipes that we can make.

On Saturday, my husband and I double checked a few things – such as what meat do we have in the freezer and a few odds n ends that we may or may not have in the pantry.  When we were done, we had 39 potential meals.  Since breakfast is really simple: oatmeal, grits, cereal, toast, and lunch is often dinner left-overs, that left planning dinner.  With 39 recipes that’s a month’s worth of planning almost done.

We did go shopping.  My husband wanted a loaf of bread since we haven’t figured out a good sandwich bread, yet.  The cheap bread we buy from Safeway (no additives and no HFCS) was on sale two for $1.  So we bought two.

Then I wanted to pick up our allotment of water for this pay period which meant a different store (because I have it budgeted for a certain cost).  At that store, we were able to pick up 20 pounds of potatoes for $3.50 and 2 pounds of carrots for $1.  That was it for this particular pay period’s shopping.

I wanted to share with you the “menu” for the week.  We started out dedicated a meal for each night but we’re finding that we’re already not loving how it’s set up.  But we have 6 meals planned for the next 6 days and we’ll see how that works out.

Tamale Pie

Spaghetti served with canned sauce or bacon and onions

Pepperoni Pizza

Potato Soup

Enfrijoladas (this is a recipe we’ve never tried but it’s kind of a refried bean enchilada something)

Chicken and Dumplings with or without the chicken