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We are down to one more night with our darling 4 year old niece so the experiments and blog post ideas are severely dwindling.  This is going to be quick.  After looking at the next installment of increases with our monthly bills, I’ve decided to challenge my husband to help me plan meals (he does most of the cooking) that only use what we have.  While we understand that something will be purchased over time such as potatoes, the majority of the ingredients we use will not come from the grocery store this month.

We’ve decided that this weekend we will do a strong inventory of everything we have and plan a month’s worth of meals.  I, almost, want to challenge him a dollar amount – like can we do it for under $20 for an entire 30 day period.  I haven’t gotten there and I’m not sure it wouldn’t just be mean.  We are going to try.  Not only will we share what we are doing so that you can do a similar challenge (I guess it would depend on what is in your pantry).

The month of April is when we should be getting our half of a pig but we paid for it ages ago.  And it’s the start of foraging season in our area. I’m thinking the only things we will be purchasing is tortillas and potatoes.  We’ll see.  I’ll come back on Monday to let you know what we discover.  (I will be posting tomorrow but not about this.)