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This is not going to be the best tutorial ever but I hope you can figure out how to make these cute little dolls.  This is a great way to use up fabric scraps and extra beads.

Please note that these pictures are not for the same doll so please don’t get confused.


Start with a scrap of fabric (this one turned out to be too narrow to make a doll).  You want a fairly square piece – I would say something like 3 x 3 inches but it doesn’t have to be exact.

Fold the fabric, right sides in, and stitch along one side to make a tube.  Before turning the tube right side out, whip stitch one end closed and pull it tight.  Turn the fabric and stuff the now tube with batting (should only take a pinch of batting).  Fold over the top, just a little, and whip stitch the tube closed.


You should have something that looks like a pill.  Now you need beads, choose one large round bead for the head, a small pony bead for the top, and seed beads for the arms and legs.


To make the head, start on the last side you stitched closed.  Thread your (threaded) needle through a fold, go up your wooden bead and around your small pony bead.  You can use a decorative bead here.  The idea is that the smaller bead anchors the wooden bead to the body of your doll.  Go back through your wooden bead and into the fabric.  I like to stitch a couple times to make sure the beads are on tight before tying off the thread.


To make the arms and legs, I like to use a rather long needle.  Start on one side – pull the knotted thread through the body and string your seed beads.  Wrap the thread around the last bead and then run it back through all of the beads and through the body.  Pull tight.  Repeat.  You can choose to knot on that side or run the thread through the body again and knot on the opposite side.

For the legs, you go through the body at a bit of an arc – instead of straight across.  Then thread your beads and repeat the arm process.  In the end, you have a cute little doll.