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Toilet Paper Holder

One thing I love about the internet is that usually I am not the first person to ask a question and with careful searching I can find an answer.  It doesn’t always work out such as the much asked question – how much toilet paper does one need for a year supply?

I searched for the answer and there were plenty of blog posts and forum discussions on the issue.  Unfortunately they all had a very similar answer – see how much toilet paper you go through in a week and multiply that.  Some suggested testing how long a roll of toilet paper lasts in your house but in the end the answer was the same – there is no answer.

I got to thinking about this – how much toilet paper does my family go through?  Honestly, it depends.  I will admit this conversation might get a little uncomfortable but we are talking about toilet paper here.  It depends on if someone eats something that upsets their stomachs.  It depends if someone is constipated or retaining water.  And it depends on my menstrual cycle (honestly I cry to see how fast the rolls go down during that week).

Outside of our toilet use, there are other factors for toilet paper use.  How much company do we have that week?  And how much were we home?

As I’m contemplating toilet paper, I realized that saving toilet paper for an emergency insinuates that I can’t go to the store to buy more.  Which means we are all home twenty four hours a day for as long as the emergency persists.  We could have colds and run out of tissues which would increase our toilet paper usage.

In the end, there is no way to predict how much toilet paper we need for our emergency supply.  So here is my solution – we buy our toilet paper at Costco.  One package lasts almost a year in our house.  We end up buying two about every 3-4 years and then buy just one every year in between.  We are also on a 1 -2 cycle for tissues (2 one year, 1 the next, repeat).  We used to be once a year Costco shoppers but have decided once our credit cards are paid off to do almost monthly trips to Costco instead.  Because of that, I’ve determined that if we buy toilet paper when our current package gets to be half used, we should have a steady supply of paper (same goes for tissues).

That should keep a decent stock of paper products in our house.

However, there is a chance that won’t be enough.  So next article will be on alternatives.  I tell you alternatives to toilet paper kind of scares me.