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February was such a short month that it hardly seems fair.  The time has gone so fast that I’m struggling to figure out where it went.

The weather still sucks here but we are getting some really nice days.  I think I spent half of February sick so I’m not feeling like it was all that productive.

I stalled on The Artist’s Way.  I should be on week 9 but I have yet to even look at week 8.  That’s in my goals for this week.  I did keep up with my morning pages for the most part and not too shabby with Artist’s dates.  Getting sick sort brought everything to a halt.  It’s not that I couldn’t, I just didn’t feel like it and it would have been wasted time.

We finished the Love Dare and were going to restart it today but we’re still a bit ill and our niece has come for a visit.  It’s bad timing to start something that requires us to focus on our relationship.  Things are going well and I’m slowly reading The Five Love Languages.  My husband will read it next and then we’ll be ready in April to restart our Love Dare and to start the project we’ve got in mind to go with it.

Family activities have stalled as well but we haven’t forgotten.

I finish February not feeling like it was a success but, as I said, being sick made a huge impact in what I was able to accomplish.  I did take time to rest and give myself a break.  I’m not beating myself up about letting things slide.  I haven’t forgotten my goals and am slowly getting back into the swing of things.

We’ll have our niece, who is 4, for the month of March while her mother recovers from a hospital trip.  It will hang up some of our plans for March but it gives us an opportunity to do different things.  We are hoping for better weather soon and some good sunny days to revitalize us.