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Vintage Noahs Ark Illustration

For month one, the goals were to plan water storage, to get enough dental hygiene items for a year for our family, and to start planning a three month food storage (perhaps purchase towards that plan).

We got a year supply of toothbrushes, bought 3 bottles of antiseptic mouthwash (goal is to keep 2 all the time), and bought 2 gallons of water.  We had planned for 4 but it really came down to how much we wanted to carry up to our apartment.  We had purchased 2 gallons of milk so we didn’t really want to carry 6 gallons of liquid up three flights of stairs along with our groceries.  So, we owe 2 gallons to the plan.  Should pick that up tonight.

Our water storage goal is to purchase 4 gallons every month.  We found that we can get the water for 88 cents a gallon at a couple different places so it won’t be too much of a strain on our budget.  4 a month means we can pick up 1-2 every time we go to the store.

We didn’t purchase toothpaste.  We still believe that the dollar store toothpaste is our best option but we want to taste the toothpaste first.  We had to wait for that particular type to be in stock which set us behind.  Now my husband wants to wait until his toothpaste is empty which should be soon.  We’re not at any risk of running out of toothpaste right now so I’m not so worried.

Now on to Month Two.

It seems to me that every month, at least for awhile, is going to have a water storage goal.  We are going to continue with purchasing 4 gallons a month.

Next goal – toilet paper.  We did just go to Costco and bought a thing of toilet paper and personal wipes.  We do have a stash of toilet paper I got from work.  The custodian often leaves partially remaining rolls of toilet paper.  The rolls they are on are the best crafting pieces so I often grab a few when projects come up.  I remove the paper and roll it up to go in my emergency kit.  But I will be figuring out what the average person’s stash should be and make sure we keep up with that.

This month’s 3 month food storage goal is about breakfast.  I figure I will look at what breakfast looks like in our house and determine how I can make sure we have enough for 3 months at all times.

The setup of the Project Noah posts on the Sun Oven site is inconsistent so there are additional assignments/purchases that aren’t listed with assignments.  The first is to work on the three month supply by purchasing double the ingredients for 2 meals.  Because there is also an assignment to look at breakfast, I will be skipping this particular goal for now.

Purchase Oatmeal – thankfully, we already have a good supply of Oatmeal.  I’m thinking it’s along the lines of a whole year since the last 25 pound bag I bought was this time last year and it’s not been opened yet (and we still have so much that is).

Purchase extra beans and rice – my family believes we have a lifetime supply of beans since I often buy huge amounts.  We did pick up an extra bag of rice when we were at Costco.

Start the practice of keeping your gas tank no less than half full; fill a 5 gallon can with gas, too. Add Stabil® to prolong shelf life. Double Staybil® lasts 2 years. – I hope we can get to a point where we can always keep the gas tank half full but right now we will have to wait and see.

$5.00 cash each payday (at least) set aside in your HOUSE (not at the bank). – this one I am working hard to do starting now.

So there you go, the goals we are working on.  I know there are some others but they just didn’t fit with us right now.  I encourage you to check out the original post and see what is there for you to add to your plan.