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Building Planks

I had this plan to share a wonderful post with you but I’m running out of time today.  I’m not sure anyone really cares about my architecture discoveries.  So I’ll keep this short.

There are a number of wonderful sustainable building materials out there.  More come every day.  There are so many concrete replacements from hempcrete to woolcrete to a concrete made from recycled paper.  There are straw houses and a return to the adobe style – both which use very environmentally friendly materials.

The two things that really had me excited have to do with solar energy.  These are the things I would add to my house when I get one and if I can afford them.  Both of these products are coming soon.

The first is a product called Solar Roadways.  This is a company in my neck of the woods so I feel a real kinship with them to begin with.  Solar Roadways is a solar panel that replaces roadways (I know it says that in the name).  There are so many things I love about this product.  First, it’s a road (or sidewalk or driveway) that creates energy.  When a panel breaks, you pop it out and replace it – no huge construction projects.  It has led lights and heat functions.  That means no more shoveling snow for those of us just surviving snowmageddon.   They are even trying to make it so you can charge your electric car as you drive across these.  How cool is that?  I really feel that these could change the way we build and design roads.  It’s a better, safer, and more environmentally friendly choice.

The second is a product I am watching closely but not as in love with.  I think the problem is going to be the cost.  Tesla Solar has designed shingles that act as mini-solar panels.  The nice part is that your solar panels will seamlessly be a part of your home.  The challenge is making sure it doesn’t cost more than your house to install them.

Both of these products will allow an existing home to become more environmentally friendly.  They are, also, signs of things to come.  There is an economy to be environmentally friendly but there’s also style.