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I’ve seen this idea bounce around the internet so I finally got around to trying it.

The idea is that you can make oatmeal in a canning jar.  The instant part is that you can set up the jars ahead of time.

The recipe I used said to put 1/2 cup of regular oats in a pint jar, add toppings, and set aside.  To cook, bring 1 cup of liquid to a boil, add to jar, seal and let sit.

It’s simple and it does work.  I made 5 jars: cocoa nibs and freeze dried strawberries, walnuts and freeze dried strawberries, coconut and cocoa nibs, freeze dried raspberries and cocoa nibs, and freeze dried raspberries and pecans.

I’ve only eaten two of them and this is why – that is way too much oatmeal for me to eat in the morning.  If I push it, I can eat the jar in two sittings.  Even that is just slightly too much oatmeal but I think I can manage it.

There were no instructions for how much toppings so I guessed.  I probably have about 1/2 cup in toppings for every half cup of oatmeal.

I will say that the cocoa nibs were a nice surprise.  I’ve had this bag of nibs for about a year now.  They are awful.  Why I thought they’d be good in oatmeal, I don’t know but I was right.  They add a nice chocolate flavor.  Not too sweet but not bitter at all.

I did, also, add 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar per jar.  I knew that the oatmeal would need the sweetness.  That was not enough so I would make that my minimum.

As for the fruit, the freeze dried version is amazing.  Not so tasty dry – personally, I think it tastes dusty.  But once rehydrated, it’s hard to tell it was not fresh when you made your oatmeal.

I like that I can set up my oatmeal ahead of time.  My husband gets up before I do in the morning and nicely makes me breakfast.  This way, he can make up some oatmeal that he knows is the way I want it.  He gets the privilege of making me the perfect breakfast.  I get to feel special because breakfast is how I want it.  It starts our mornings on the right foot no matter which side of the bed we got up on.

I’m thinking this is something I will definitely be making more of.  I don’t think it’s recommended to make more than you can eat in a few weeks but keeping the supplies on hand will help with busy mornings and emergencies.

Instant Oatmeal

In a pint jar add 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1 teaspoon sugar and 1/2 cup of toppings (such as fruit and nuts).

To make: add 1 cup boiling liquid (I use milk) to the jar, seal and wrap with a towel.  Give about 5-10 minutes, serve.