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Long, long ago, I’d like to think it was a few months ago but more likely it was a couple of years ago, I had this great idea to glue scrapbook paper to one side of a playing card.  I repeated the process until I had stacks of decorated playing cards.

Then I needed to come up with an idea to use them up.  I had a brilliant one – turn them into little house shaped lanterns.  I took a stack and painstakingly cut 4 windows into each card.  I carved them and shaped them until it took the form of a lopsided house that seemed a little too flammable to have a lit candle inside.

I stacked and sorted the cards and set them aside.  Someday, I would finish that terrible idea.  Why on earth did I think I’d want to go through that again?

So they sat until I saw this post.  Alisa Golden had turned a stack of playing cards into a book.  I had playing cards that were just taking up space.  So I resorted and restacked my cards and using her technique, I turned them into books.


Being that it was scrapbooking paper decorated, I found myself thinking of pictures of my son as I created the books.  I will admit that I made more books than I really thought about.  The technique was so fun and I had so many playing cards, I got to the point that I could sit in the doctor’s office and stitch together books.


However, I couldn’t just share my little books – what purpose did they serve except to completely delight me as I made them (I really want to make more, they were so fun).

I’ve finished 3 to the point I am happy.  I have made little books about my son’s childhood for his 3 grandmothers.


To be honest, they are a little hard to part with.  So I have two in the works for me.


There are only two things I really want to warn you about if you opt to make some yourself – be gently with your paper piercer.  I got impatient and my stacks kept getting thicker and thicker until my poor little needle snapped right in two.  Now I have to buy a new one.

The other is, if you are going to use these as scrapbooks, make sure you have enough tiny images to fill the books.  I had to reject so many great pictures because they wouldn’t fit on the playing card.

I just chose to dig through all my pictures and pull duplicates for these projects.  If you are going to print pictures – go small, like wallet size.