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While it’s not the best picture ever, the dish was quite tasty.

When I am home alone and need to make a meal, I turn to experimenting with pasta.  It’s one of the few times I can get really creative and add inventive flavors.  This recipe is not so over the top, in fact the overall flavor is very reminiscent of pesto.

I have a bag of walnuts that need to be used up so I started with a half cup (this is for 1-2 servings so adjust as needed).  I roughly chopped them so they weren’t huge pieces and then fried them in a tiny bit of oil.

As they were heating, I started the pasta.  The amount of spaghetti I cooked fit in the circle of my thumb and forefinger.  Turned out that it was 2 plates worth of pasta.

To the walnuts, I added a good splash of lemon juice, salt and basil.  Once my pasta was fully cooked, I added it to the frying pan with the walnuts and topped with about 1/2 cup of leftover peas.

My son came home as I was cooking and since we didn’t know if there was enough, he went to making his own pasta experiment.  I share because he’s the one that pulled out the pepperoni.  While I didn’t officially add it to the dish, you can see the little rounds at the top of the plate.  The pepperoni added a nice spicy quality to the dish.

It’s simple and there’s no real recipe but I wanted to share because pasta is so versatile but it’s easy to get stuck in that idea that pasta is accompanied by sauce (often out of a jar).  I love pasta with just a little lemon juice and salt and basil and cheese.  I forgot to mention I added some parmesan cheese (the powdery stuff from the can because that’s what we have right now).

When I was pregnant my favorite pasta dish was spaghetti with fruit flavored vinaigrettes and sour cream.  So weird I know but there is something about that sour, creamy, gooeyness that was perfect on warm days especially after my stomach had settled.

What unusual pasta creations are your favorite?