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After watching this video from Lindsay, the Frugal Crafter, I made a selection of cones out of vellum and paper doilies.  The problem was, I had no purpose for these and after making the cones, I stashed them away.  They became something I would do when inspired.  It was silly really.  I could have finished them and just gave them away as special treats.


Instead, they made their way to the UFO pile.  With Valentine’s day on the horizon, I decided to turn these into a little treat for my friends.  They don’t hold a lot of candy (see above) but they are cute.  I opted to finish them off with simple embellishments that were leftover from other projects.

I had started pulling out antique lace and some beautiful embellishments but then I realized that the recipients may not want to keep these forever.  I wanted it to be a treat but not a burden.  So I went back to the stash and found pieces leftover and recycled.  This keeps the cone from being too precious.

I know the flowers and the butterfly came from the dollar store and I used what I needed for the projects they were purchased for.  Even the vellum and doilies were leftovers so there is no pressure (I hope) to save these forever.



I’m thinking I’ll put a few chocolates in them so that they aren’t diet crushing for my friends.  It’s enough for them to know I am thinking about them but not enough to leave them with guilt when it is all said and done.