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I was writing my morning pages this morning.  Mostly, I was complaining about how we are all getting tired of the cold (another day below freezing) and there’s all this negative energy around politics and life.  I was thinking that I need to be the place where this negativity ends.  I don’t need to spread any of it along.  Then I wrote ” Not sure how to help others but who knows, sometimes flowers bloom in the worst soil and spread.”

That one line started a revelation.  I got to thinking about Plantain (pictured above).  Plantain is one of my favorite plants.  It’s easy to identify.  It’s completely edible (not necessarily 100% tasty but highly nutritious).  It’s medicinal – it’s a healing plant.  More importantly, it thrives in waste soil.

In a nutshell, Plantain is a plant that grows in damaged soil that heals, not only the soil, but any being that consumes it.

From what I understand, it grows in almost any climate and all over the world.  I know that it grows in every state in the United States.

So what’s the revelation?  I can be a plantain.  I can thrive in this damaged soil that I live in.  I can repair, not only my environment, but I can help heal all those I come in contact with.

Plantain is not a cure for cancer but it heals small cuts and bruises.  It’s not a large plant so the amount of food it provides is not great but it still does it’s part.  It comes back year after year.  It grows even when trampled.  Tear off all it’s leaves and it comes back.  It may come back smaller for that season but it doesn’t give up.  It’s tough to uproot as well.  Trust me, that one I know.  It’s often overlooked but it’s everywhere.

I challenge you to be like the Plantain (I am completely challenging myself as well).  Be strong in adversity.  Don’t be afraid to be small.  Don’t be afraid to go unnoticed.  Heal what you can and take heart there are other Plantains out there healing what they can.

For me, that means not passing on negative messages.  To be kind to everyone I come in contact with.  To try to be patient with them all as well.  I will continue to speak out if I believe a wrong has been committed but I will do so after I have heard both sides and I will do so in a loving way.  I will remember that my goal is to spread love and healing so my actions must reflect that.  I can’t spread love with violent actions or hateful words.

So will you take my challenge?  What does being a Plantain mean to you?