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For our weekend family activity, my husband and I had a, sort of, doughnut competition.  We picked two recipes that claimed to be like Krispie Kremes and each went about seeing if our recipe held up to the claim.

Before I share those recipe links and our individual thoughts, I do want to say that we liked both recipes but neither were like Krispie Kremes.  Personally, I don’t like KK doughnuts so it was not a loss for me.  My husband was a little disappointed.  The other thing is, unless you are feeding a group, don’t make both these recipes at the same time.  Homemade doughnuts have a short shelf life.  We fried these Sunday and by yesterday, Tuesday, they were pretty stale.  We did freeze a few bags but we should have freezed more.  We made these both with a basic powdered sugar and milk glaze.  I think I would have preferred real frosting.

Contestant #1 Food Fanatic’s Krispie Kreme Doughnuts – This is the recipe I made.  The recipe is simple.  I didn’t need any substitutions so I made them exactly as directed (except I didn’t use the mixer).  The dough was super sticky so I did have to add more flour.  It seemed like I kept having to add flour.  Even when I went to fry them, the dough stuck (I had most of the doughnuts on silpats and some on flour coated sheets – everything stuck).  The end result was a good tasting doughnut but it wasn’t as light and fluffy as promised.

I should make a note here – we may have been extra humid in our neck of the woods because both doughs were too wet and sticky as we made them.

Contestant #2 Kelsea’s Kitchen’s Krispie Kreme Doughnuts – My husband took this one on.  He only made one substitution – applesauce for the eggs (1/2 cup for 2 eggs).  This dough was not as delicate as the other dough.  My husband said he liked the flavor of this one better than the first one.  It’s a bit more complicated as a recipe (more ingredients) but all in all performed as well as the first.  It did seem to stick less as I was moving the pieces to the fryer.

So there you have it – two perfectly good recipes.  So good, in fact, that I did away with a ton of recipes in my pinterest because I think these are two great all purpose recipes.  They weren’t overly complicated.  They had good texture and good flavor.  I’m thinking I’ll be trying them with a variety of topping.  Maybe even see if we can get them to fry up with a bit of a hole for filling.