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What can I say about January aside from the fact that it has been miserably cold?  Okay so I’m not excited about the weather.  Despite that, January has been a good month.

I am now on Week 5 of The Artist’s Way.  That book never fails to surprise me.  I’ve read it several times now and I am still getting revelation.  It’s been hard to commit the way I felt I need to commit but then I realized that sometimes I have to listen to my instincts.  As I’ve said, this is not my first time following The Artist’s Way so I feel like I can make some slight changes.

The first comes in the way of the Artist’s Date.  It is really hard to take the time to leave my home to fill my well.  I’ve done amazingly well this time, striving to make an honest effort but it’s cold and horrible out there.  I don’t want to spend an hour in an art gallery.  Our galleries are tiny to start with and they are not toasty warm places to visit.  While I did enjoy my trip to the gallery this last weekend, I didn’t linger.  I didn’t bring my sketchbook and pencils like I had planned (found out later that there’s no place to sit and linger anyway).

The weekend before, I had planned out a walking tour of old buildings downtown.  It was just a couple blocks.  My husband and I parked at the bookstore and walked to the library.  Then we walked back to the bookstore.  I had my book and a plan but the reality was, I didn’t want to be out in that cold.  I did enjoy a nice afternoon with my husband.  There was sunshine but not warmth.  I went home later and created art.  It was not a failed date at all.

That’s the other thing – I don’t want to do my Artist’s Dates alone.  I spend so much time alone that I like sharing that time with my husband.  He’s an artist too so I enjoy his insight.  I enjoy discussing whatever with him.  It serves a dual purpose – I spend time with him and I fill my well.  That’s not to say that we didn’t have to lay some ground rules.  Those are – no rushing me and no complaining.  If he isn’t having fun, he doesn’t have to stay but he can’t force me to hurry up.  It’s worked out fairly well so far.

When the weather improves and we can go outside, these may change.  My goal is to continue my morning pages and the Artist’s Dates long after I’ve completed this round with the book.  As for the morning pages, I’m doing well except I can’t seem to figure out how to remember them on Saturdays.  This past Saturday, I left it out where I thought I would see it and I completely missed it until Sunday morning.

My husband and I have been doing the Love Dare.  We’re really enjoying it.  It’s a little churchy – as my husband says but it challenges us in the right ways.  It gives us a daily reminder to be good to each other.  I think it’s doing it’s job.  We are nearly done with the book so we’ll take a break and come back to it on March 1st.  This time we want to include our son.  It won’t be exactly the same doing it with him but we want him to feel loved as well.

As for my year project – it’s got a lot of hiccups but I am working them out.  That’s been good.  I’ve read some amazing books this month – Finishing School and Daring Greatly are on the top of the list.  With the merit badges, I’ve been struggling with the organizing my activities but it’s getting better.  I’ve spent a lot of time this month exploring architecture and that’s been fun.  I’m thinking it will nicely work its way into archaeology.

Last thing – we’ve been doing weekly family activities.  My son has missed most of them but it’s been fun with my husband.  This week we are tv-free and we may or may not make it.  My husband thinks we’ll crack come this weekend.

Overall, January has been a good start to my year.  How about you?  Are your goals moving forward?