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I saw this idea in Better Homes and Gardens.  Since there was no real tutorial, I thought it would make for a fun experiment.

I started with a napkin (red) and a piece of muslin.  I knew from previous experiments that the napkin was colorfast.


Wet with white vinegar.


Wrap around your egg.  I should note that I used the last of my dyeable plastic eggs for this experiment.  The napkin stuck to the egg rather well but I had to hold the fabric in place with rubber bands.


Using food coloring bottles, add small drops of color over the wet covering.


I will say that the napkin seemed to be a little less messy than the fabric.  But expect to have lovely fingertips regardless of which you choose.

Let sit several minutes.  I think I let mine sit about 20 minutes but you probably don’t have to wait that long.


The end results were fun.  The napkin was done for so I tossed it but the fabric was still damp so I wrapped another egg in it and the rolled it in vinegar.


The egg had more dye which means I probably should have put more vinegar on to begin with.  The fun part of using the fabric is I have a dyed piece for other projects.